ZHENGZHOU HI-TECH ABRASIVES CO., LTD., founded in 2001, is a professional grinding wheel manufacturer in the abrasive industry. Our company mainly products the resin grinding wheels with the brands of “BESTONE” and “ANYCUT”. Our company adopts lean production system and has passed the ISO 9001 certification. We adhere to continuous  technology research and innovation to create numbers of outstanding products. Many products have reached the leading technical level at home and abroad and are exported to the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, South Korea, Canada, Brazil, India, South Africa, Taiwan and other countries and regions.


     The grinding wheels for HSS tools play excellent performance in the production of the drills, the taps and the mills, such as fluting, clearance grinding, pointing, split pointing, external grinding, squaring, chamfering, gun pointing, thread grinding, sharping and gashing. The grinding wheels not only match with domestic famous machine tools, but also imported machine tools, such as NORMAC, HERTLEIN, JUNKER, REISHAUER, KARL HAUX, DRAKE, WINSLOW, ITM and GBA, etc.

The rail grinding wheels as the excellent products of our company can match with HARSCO, LORAM, SPENO and JINYING rail grinders. The products with stable and outstanding performances can be applied in the grinding and repairing the rail of the metro, the ordinary railway and the high-speed railway. 

The steel pipe grinding wheels which are used in grinding the inside and outside surface of the large diameter, high temperature and high pressure alloy seamless steel pipes and the stainless steel pipes play remarkable performances in the metallurgy and casting industry.

Quality internationalization, service localization. Improving production efficiency, improving product quality, improving operating environment and reducing the grinding cost is our consistent purpose.